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How to buy and sell Bitcoin on

Written by allgospelblaze

The world is changing rapidly. New innovations, new ideas and new experience are being formed and the way we perceive things are now changing. Old ideas are giving way to new ones, and right now, the world can be said to be operating on a “move or be moved” plane. That is, you either change with the times or have the times change you.

One of these changes is in the monetary and currency area. Yes, paper notes are still in existence, but the future of currency is bitcoin. People who have the ability to see longterm are already cashing into it and it is all the more reasons why you should too.

No, bitcoin is not fraud. Think of it as digital money that is easily accessible and free from ceaseless bank charges. A large number of online transaction websites now accept bitcoin as a medium of exchange for transactions. Why not make hay while the sun shines? Don’t let the world leave you behind.

It can be hard trading in bitcoin, especially if you are new to it. And that is why Truexgold is highly recommended. They are Nigeria’s foremost and trusted Cryptocurrency Exchanger were you can buy, sell or exchange perfect bitcoin (and a number of other digital currencies) to naira or other currencies. They are fast, dedicated, and will offer you the best rates in the cryptocurrency exchange industry. Another benefit of transacting with them is that 90% of their interactions are fully automated. Why not let them lead you through the process of bitcoin trading?

To begin your bitcoin journey with Truexgold, all you need to do is sign up at, verify your email address, update your profile and place your order. Note that a valid ID and a utility bill is needed to verify your account before But when you are buying Bitcoins from TruexGOLD, you need to upload a Valid ID and a utility Bill for account verification before you can place any order.

It’s a quick and simple process, one that we can stand by any day and any time.

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